iThoughts for Windows Link

I’ve said it many times before, I’m an iThoughts fan-boy. Now it’s available for Windows too and there’s a 70% discount for Mac users and a 20% discount for iOS users. It’s normally $50, which is a good price for a great app, but you can get it for $15 if you already own a license. That’s an incredible deal.

Is Pagico 7 the easy-to-use app to replace OmniFocus and Bento for your data task management? Sponsor

My thanks to Pagico for sponsoring Macdrifter this week. The new version looks fantastic. It looks so good that I’m running a longer than usual ad copy. Pagico runs on multiple platforms, makes reference material a core feature (like I do) and syncs everywhere. Some apps are great at managing projects & tasks, and others are great at managing data. Pagico 7 is one of the few apps that combines data organization with task management into one easy-to-use package.

Off-line Drives

Storage is cheap. While the SSD in my laptop is still moderately priced, the cost of spinning disks and Internet-based storage seems to be dropping like a stone. Right now all of the major on-line syncing services charge $10 per month or under for 1TB of storage. Dropbox, Microsoft and Google are all competing for customers and driving down the price of syncing files to the Internet. The disconnect between SSD pricing and storage service pricing can be a deterrent to taking full advantage of both.

Mac at Home, PC at Work Link

Katie and David were generous enough to invite me on Mac Power Users to talk about being saddled with a PC at work but using iOS and a Mac the rest of the time. Multi=platform work is a pain but there are great services that reduce the burden. I think it’s a common problem and I don’t have all of the answers, but I’ve lived that life for a decade and I’ve developed workarounds that I think are generally applicable.

Evernote 5 for Windows Link

Evernote for Windows just received a significant update that brings it into parity with the Mac version. The new version 5 now supports reminders, shortcuts, related notes and improved search. Not to mention the entire app is much nicer to look at. I like Evernote a lot and it’s a wonderful collaboration tool. It’s nice to have all the convenience and rich design I’m accustomed to on the Mac sitting in front of me on my Windows machine too.

Scapple for Windows Link

Scapple is a basic context mapping app for the Mac. Now there’s a Windows version. I don’t really use Scapple on my Mac but multi-platform support is compelling. Besides, it’s from Literature and Latte, the makers of Scrivener. I’ll buy everything they make.

KnowsyNotes Link

It’s Windows only, but KnowsyNotes looks interesting. The ability to edit CSV data like it was Markdown is insanely awesome. I’d love to see it add the option to edit the CSV data as a Markdown section.

Sublime Text 2

I've been using Sublime Text 2 betas for what seems like forever. Even the early betas were rock solid. I use Sublime Text on Windows (I really do deserve your pity) and BBEdit on Mac. I still prefer BBEdit but it's a close race.1 If Textmate and Quicksilver had a love child that was raised by VIM, it would be Sublime Text 2. Don't be naïve though. It's a serious tool.

New York Minute Task System

The Escapers (makers of Flux, Stuf and more) have an interesting new task management service called Instruktion. Or maybe it's called "New York Minute", it's not clear to me. It is cross platform and the apps are free. It requires a $20/year membership which sounds like a good price. It looks very nice on all of the application platforms and works offline too. I'm an OmniFocus user but I'll keep an eye on how this evolves.