Sublime Text 2

I've been using Sublime Text 2 betas for what seems like forever. Even the early betas were rock solid. I use Sublime Text on Windows (I really do deserve your pity) and BBEdit on Mac. I still prefer BBEdit but it's a close race.1 If Textmate and Quicksilver had a love child that was raised by VIM, it would be Sublime Text 2.

Don't be naïve though. It's a serious tool. Want to change the preferences? Here, edit this text file. Hardcore.

Some Tips

Sync settings and themes through Dropbox

Get the Sublime Package Control

Get the Sublime SFTP plugin

Yes, a ST plugin for Stack Overflow

Get the Nettuts+ Tutorials

Of course, listen to Brett

And install his Marked Bonus Pack

Jeebus, Brett loves him some Sublime Text 2 for Markdown

  1. BBEdit is just more Mac-like and predictable. Sublime Text is magical, if you know what the magic words are.