Mac at Home, PC at Work Link

Katie and David were generous enough to invite me on Mac Power Users to talk about being saddled with a PC at work but using iOS and a Mac the rest of the time. Multi=platform work is a pain but there are great services that reduce the burden. I think it’s a common problem and I don’t have all of the answers, but I’ve lived that life for a decade and I’ve developed workarounds that I think are generally applicable.

Nice job on the show notes too!

I’ll throw one final thing into the list that anyone working with cloud-based files should be watching very closely. My friends Erik Hess and Bob VanderClay are working on a new service called It will be publicly available at the end of summer and it’s going to be amazing. Manage and access files from multiple services all from a web browser. Built-in text editing and syntax highlighting everywhere. Pretty neat stuff.