Wayward Title Misses the Point

Someone needs to check in on CBS Boston. Here are two recent titles from their office: Horse And Its Owner Stopped Inside Doors Of Plymouth Walmart 92-Year-Old Injured In ‘Unprovoked’ Attack At Quincy Center MBTA Station Each one of these titles make me wonder what world the CBS writers live in. Perhaps they live in a world of violent nonagenarians and unruly gangs of horses.

My Secret Sauce of Blogging

My Secret Sauce of Blogging This is where I give away all of my blogging secrets. I’ve decided to divest myself of any advantages Macdrifter has built over the past 12 years. My hope is that I will see fewer links to the Verge and maybe a few more new ideas from smart and funny people. Secret 1 Save, literally, everything.1 There’s a ton of information on the internet and searching is a very poor way to remember things.

The deranged statement from LaCroix’s CEO Nick Caporella, annotated.

I do enjoy an occasional grapefruit water, but what I really need on most days is a human readable translation of corporate bullshit. So refreshing! Shannon Palus at Slate Speaking of woeful acts of God, by 2018, America was drinking so much LaCroix that “pamplemousse” LaCroix bathing suits became a thing. The more offensive of Caporella’s words and alleged actions aside, maybe this total nonsense is what we get for not properly scolding a beverage that can’t just say “grapefruit.

100 Jokes that Shaped Modern Comedy 100

Vulture has been creating some interesting reading material lately. The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy is delightful not for some laughs but becuase it’s interesting to see how culture and sense of humor changes over time. What a great compilation.

True Terror

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. — Kurt Vonnegut1 Happy birthday to one of the best people our species has ever managed to squirt out. Go read Slaughterhouse Five or Cat’s Cradle or Bluebeard or just read a bit about someone that knew a few things about humans.2 Probably. I’ve never found a reliable source for the quote.

Leaving New York and Also Technology Link

This essay by Benjamin Hart on the Awl is already a classic for me. It’s so close to being an actual Verge article that I almost didn’t bother reading it. I’m so glad I did. The opening paragraph is pure gold but it’s chock full of little treasures like this: And Zgliewzki, the Polish diner everyone loved (though nobody I know had ever been there) shuttered to make way for Polski, a modern take on Slavic cuisine featuring a forty-two-dollar ramen kielbasa stuffed with sustainably farmed foie gras.

In The Parlance Of Our Time

If you’ve read much here on Macdrifter, you’ve probably seen some Big Lebowski Easter eggs. It’s one of my favorite movies and it’s also the secret handshake for people that share a certain perspective on the world. It’s with that backdrop that I wholeheartedly direct you to the latest At the Movies episode. The Big Lebowski instilled two important movie watching tics in me. First, I pay attention to the background of movies.

Sofa King and Swearing Link

Sofa King. Say it quickly. Now say it quickly when you’re mad. When used judiciously, swear words are the most effective form of emotional communication. Unfortunately, there are few artists working in profanity now. They’re mostly just link-bait bloggers. I mostly just wanted to link to a blog about swearing.

El BJ Link

Looking for a podcast? Like childish humor? This episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself is damn good. It’s Scott Simpson for almost 2 hours. There’s nothing more to say. El BJ was my favorite president too.