Royal Singing Clown Link

Disturbing and great. The video is below but the Grantland story is pretty interesting, so don’t miss it. By way of Spirit of Nine.

Conference Call Link

You guys saw this right? I love these people. I love Twitter. The only thing they missed is the person in the Webex chat windows saying that they can’t hear anyone. [View the story "Every Conference Call Ever" on Storify]

Adventure Time Interviews

Pendelton Ward, creator of Adventure Time: That’s what I want to tell people, is to just do stuff, just make stuff then you’ll be better than the people who are like “how do I even start” Here’s an interesting interview with the cast and creator: If you still haven’t killed enough time, here’s an hour panel discussion at the 2012 WonderCon. Great tidbits, like they worked coming up with Choose Goose for 6 hours:

Adventure Time Music and Fan Art

I just love these two YouTube clips so much. They collects all of the songs from Adventure Time and includes a bunch of really great fan art as a back drop. Added to myPlex for posterity. Just terrific. Let me get you start with my personal favorite. Full embed below but jump to 12:32: And close it out by getting your water works primed. Full embed below, but jump to 24:11:

Donotlink Link is a service for linking to sites without increasing their Google-juice. I’d love to know what names they rejected for this service considering it’s mostly going to be used to link to crap stories used for ridicule. You can easily use the service by appending the target URL as follows: :::text I like this a lot. You are freely encouraged to use it for this site if it makes you feel good.

A Bad Night Link

Possibly the best incident report of 2013 You have to feel for someone when this is the best part of their night: Hall took his few possessions and moved out of his fiancée’s home and into a tree at Mclaren Park.

Orson Scott Card Plea for Tolerance Link

AVClub one-ups the Onion: Sadly for Card, we may not yet have reached that more enlightened era, when homophobes are allowed to live freely without fear of their movies suffering a slight dip in profits. Nevertheless, Card is here, he hates queers, and he suggests you get used to it in time for the movie’s premiere. It’s always difficult to separate the art from the artist. I still enjoy Ender’s Game but OSC sounds like a jerk.

Code Blocks Link

From The Big Nerd Ranch. I actually laughed until I cried. How can you not love them? By way of Twitter