Blogroll for February 2014

I haven’t posted a blogroll list since May. Honestly, I haven’t added many new feeds to my aggregator since then. There are some that are clear standouts though. These are all recent additions to my reading schedule and make regular appearances in my Pinboard account. The Instructional The new project from Jordan Merrick is attractive and informative.1 Jordan is creating some great tutorials that are much more than the common throw away “tip” you’ll find elsewhere.

Blogroll for May 16, 2013

Wordnik isn’t really a blog but boy is it fun. It’s a english-lover’s friend. The Pastry Box is an essay site with rotating authors. There’s no primary theme other than thoughtful writing by interesting people. Some are short and some are long most are interesting. Daily Mac View has extensive and thoughtful discussions about workflows on a Mac. Kerry really thinks through his process and documents it for anyone to read.

Expensive Friends to Follow

I guess this is part of my blogroll series, but there are a few folks that cost me a lot of money. These are people with opinions I trust that also like the kind of stuff I like. Be warned, if you follow them, you will likely spend more money than if you do not. Rob Agcaoili Shawn Blanc Jeff Hunsberger Eddie Smith David Sparks Brett Terpstra Tools and Toys

Blogroll for January 28, 2013

This is a continuation of my longing for the old blogroll. These are sites I read and if you like this site, you’ll probably like these sites. Arts and Letters Daily: ALDaily is really an aggregator. I don’t read it daily and I miss a lot of it. What I do catch is usually brilliant. Don Melton: Don is clever and a Vonnegut fan. Those usually go hand in hand.

The Old Fashioned Blogroll, Episode II

Part deux in my Blogroll series. (Episode I) I’m opinionated, reactionary and methodical in my RSS reading. These are sites that I like to read: Justin Blanton writes here occasionally and I don’t want to miss any of it. In the Pipeline: I link to Derek a lot. This site is mostly chemistry and pharmaceutical centric but many of his ideas extrapolate to any significantly advanced endeavor. OneThirty Seven: I like smart, wordy brits with opinions.

The Good Old Blogroll, Episode I

Permit me the role of old fart for a moment. I remember the days when the web was small. A time when we needed a breadcrumb trail to find our way around. Before the web was indexed, there was the “blogroll”. A sidebar list most sites included that pointed to other, similar or familiar Web sites. I rather miss the blogroll. It was a way to find interesting new sites recommended by people that I already liked.