Blogroll for February 2014

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I haven’t posted a blogroll list since May. Honestly, I haven’t added many new feeds to my aggregator since then. There are some that are clear standouts though.

These are all recent additions to my reading schedule and make regular appearances in my Pinboard account.

The Instructional

The new project from Jordan Merrick is attractive and informative.1 Jordan is creating some great tutorials that are much more than the common throw away “tip” you’ll find elsewhere. He’s got style too.

Thomas Borowski

Thomas makes the Grooveboard, but he also has an interesting podcast. I really like his newly revamped blog. Great nerdery and thoughtful opinions.

Phillip Gruneich

Phillip is doing some interesting stuff with URL schemes and apps like Drafts.2

Pedro Lobo

Pedro seems to be into the same things I enjoy like MailMate and TaskPaper. He’s also smart. Bingo!

Some clever Hazel and AppleScript related posts. Good stuff.

Bart’s Fish Tales on Instagram

Yes, an Instagram account. Very succinct (and nicely filmed) tips for making seafood.

  1. And apparently already a prime target for ripoff artists like Cult of Mac↩︎

  2. Phillip and Pedro kept showing up in my bookmarks separately and were great resources when switching to TaskPaper. What a surprise that they are actually working together on TaskPaper scripts↩︎