The Good Old Blogroll, Episode I

Permit me the role of old fart for a moment. I remember the days when the web was small. A time when we needed a breadcrumb trail to find our way around. Before the web was indexed, there was the “blogroll”. A sidebar list most sites included that pointed to other, similar or familiar Web sites.

I rather miss the blogroll. It was a way to find interesting new sites recommended by people that I already liked. To a small extent, the current linked-list format has replaced the blogroll. People link to an interesting article somewhere and forward visitors there. But this is not the same as a blogroll. Linking to one article is not an endorsement of the site. In fact, often a link is intended as sarcasm. “Look at this dumb statement” or “Can you believe this B.S.?” The blogroll was an endorsement of the person or site as a whole. It was a way to say “hey, this is a site that I identify with and if you like my stuff, you’ll like this too.”

The days of the blogroll are gone. The web is too big now. I could easily link a hundred sites that are similar to mine. The are a thousand sites that I like and million sites talking about the same things I do. Every once in awhile, though, there are a few sites that make it into my RSS feeds and percolate through to my daily reads.

So, here are a few sites that have made it into my RSS feeds recently. If you like my site, you will probably like theirs. This is an endorsement. Sharing is caring.

The Candler Blog

Jason Heppler

Steve Losh


Only a Model

Patrick Lenz

I will attempt to make this a reoccurring series. Just follow the tag “Blogroll” in the future to find them all.