The Old Fashioned Blogroll, Episode II

Part deux in my Blogroll series. (Episode I)

I’m opinionated, reactionary and methodical in my RSS reading. These are sites that I like to read: Justin Blanton writes here occasionally and I don’t want to miss any of it.

In the Pipeline: I link to Derek a lot. This site is mostly chemistry and pharmaceutical centric but many of his ideas extrapolate to any significantly advanced endeavor.

OneThirty Seven: I like smart, wordy brits with opinions.

TakingNoteNow: The theoretical implications of note taking. Way more interesting than that sounds.

TheTaoOfMac: Deeply nerdy.

TightWind: I vehemently disagree with many things here, which is half of the reason I like it. I enthusiastically agree with many things here too, which is the other half of why I like it.

Awkward Stock Photos: Why not. It’s some funny stuff. I often imagine the conversation the model had with their family after work that day. “Oh man, another tedious day of sticking things in dog butts. I am looking forward to pushing my limits on Friday with a semi-erotic banana session.” I do wish there was a best of page though.