Stones Turned This Week

I found the idea of a minimum viable self interesting. Illusion or not, we tend to see other people’s lives as works of art. And having seen them this way, we struggle to (make our lives) the same. I was reading a bit about the Rust programming language and found a nice article about the community around Rust. Without people who have it as their personal goal to make something happen, things just don’t happen.

PDF Annotation and Portability

I recently mentioned MarginNote as part of a list of Mac apps that I enjoy. It’s a very good app with powerful features like mindmap creation and research tools. There’s just one big problem. MarginNote does not embed annotations in a format I can use. Many other PDF annotation tools embed the content as a PDF meta layer. Opening the PDF in any other app means the annotations are still there.

iOS Apps on macOS

A few days ago I needed to line up some time zones so I could coordinate a phone call. On my iOS devices I’d normally bring up CalZones but on my Mac, I didn’t have a simple tool. That’s when I remembered that we can now install iPad apps on macOS. It’s always a surprise to me when it works but many of the iPad apps I’ve tried are reasonably well behaved on macOS.

Stones Turned 2021-06-19

I learned about a python library named Arrow that makes time stamp handling better I stumbled on a new web app called Utopia that seems a lot like a modern DreamWeaver I read “Modern Python Developers Toolkit and found a lovely page of VSCode plugins I’m all in with the new Loki series from Disney and CNet had a good explainer for The Variant I sure hope FLoC is a flop but I feel weird rooting for Amazon

Learning to Work with Fewer Pixels

Well that was a weird year. While 99.9% of the past year was terrible the one thing I did enjoy was working from home in my own office with a desk, chair, and monitor that I like. I made some tweaks to my office setup after the pandemic lockdown and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. I bought a Jabra wireless headphones based on a recommendation from a friend.

Stones Turned 2021-06-13

I learned a bunch this week and feel somewhat happy with how I used my time. I guess Google FLoC achieves its goals The idea that “FLoC IDs are an additional dimension of how you resolve identity is definitely true,” said Desai. He said he expects identity tech and ad tech providers to incorporate FLoC IDs as another signal they might use to help resolve identity or to inform what companies know about people they already have identifiable profiles on.

I Can Haz Gratitude

Great blog post about the burdens of running a tiny piece of software that became a critical piece of global infrastructure. There was a phase for a few years where malware authors kept writing malware that would call out to to find out what they had infected. If they could find out the external IP address of the systems they had compromised, they could quickly assess the value of the target.

On Digital Gardening, Blogs, and Knowledge

I’m seeing a lot less internet chatter about “productivity” and a lot more about information structures.1 I think this represents a natural followup to the task management craze of previous years. The market responded to GTD with a huge variety of apps and systems and most of us have settled into something that works well enough. Where I’ve found the most friction is in the information management that often drives task management, and I’m not alone.

Remember the Shelf

I remember iOS 11 like it was just 4 decades ago. There was somuch excitement for the new drag and drop features on the iPad that I can feel my adrenaline increase as I write this missive. “Finally”, the iPad was getting real. I took my enthusiasm and invested it in every “Shelf” app on the AppStore. It was fun. It was unproductive. It didn’t stick. I still use Gladys and occasionally Copied, but I use them mostly as a shared clipboard history between my Apple devices.

Types of Blogs

I have a couple of little projects that have me thinking a lot about blogging. One of those projects is to groom and optimize my RSS feed reading. Crazy, right? I don’t like reading most mainstream news and I definitely don’t like Apple News. RSS is a good way to see new information that is generally relevant to what I want to think about. As I groomed my RSS list, I’ve been thinking about the value of each site and the type of content they post.