Get More Audible Books on iOS

You’ll either slap your head out of amazement or because this tip is so trivial. Ever get to the end of an Audible book and you don’t have a new one ready to go? On iOS, you can’t just purchase another book right there in the Audible app. If you’re a hardened nerd, you have 1Password installed. Jump over there and open the Audible web page. Buy a new book and then jump back to the Audible app.

Hazel Tip for Organizing Photos

When I moved my photos out of Aperture and into nested year/month folders one of the difficulties was reorganizing photos without clawing my eyes out. Luckily Hazel had me covered. Normally Hazel only works on the files within a specified folder and often I consider it just a quick filing utility. To dig deeper and operate on each file in all subfolders we need some Hazel trickery. If you have multiple rules set on a folder, they run in order.

Fantastical Tips for February 24, 2014

These tips work with both the Mac and iOS version of Fantastical. To create a Reminder instead of a calendar entry, start a sentence with “reminder”, “todo” or “task”: :::text todo Post Fantastical tips Saturday at 7pm Use the keyboard shortcut ⌥-V on the Mac to prefix with a check mark (✔) and automatically toggle an entry to a Reminder. Include basic date logic in an entry. Fantastical will take care of figuring out the date:

The Evernote Clipboard

Pastebot was a terrific app for getting something from an iPhone to a Mac. Put some text or an image in Pastebot and it would be available on my Mac. But Pastebot appears to be abandoned and extremely dated. Even brand new replacements, like Command-C still require Bonjour for sharing data rather than syncing through a central server. I toyed with other online clipboard managers like CloudApp and Droplr. They are great.

Fluid Crib Sheets for Cheaters

How’s that for an anti-SEO title? Are you using Brett Terpstra’s Cheaters? You probably should be. It’s pretty and very functional. However I’ve always been annoyed by the Automator web view. It’s cool that it has support for fixed dimensions and user agents but in order to dismiss it you need to click on the window to activate it first. I assume that’s because it is a HUD and not a normal window.

6 Month Data Orientation

About every 6 months I take a day or two to examine how I do stuff. In 2011 I wrote about cleaning up password cruft. This holiday season I wrote about my mania for over aggressive holiday task lists. Looking at these posts, I really do seem crazy. But I’ll tell you this: It feels good when I go back to work with a confined scope for my data, if not a blank slate.

Server Side Cheaters

Brett Terpstra rolled out Cheaters awhile ago. If you are unfamiliar, it is a system for viewing your own custom cheat sheets on the Mac. His version is very attractive and highly functional but requires a Mac to view and a method of creating HTML tables.1 Of course, I like to make things difficult. I want my cheat sheets available to me when I’m away from my Mac, so that means Cheaters will not work for me.

Some Feedbin Web App Tips

There are a few Feedbin features that are only available in the web application but are still very compelling. They are also easy to miss with an initial overview. Mark Above or Below When viewing a group, you can easily mark all articles above or below a specific point as read. Just click the little gear icon to access the options. Saved Search Sorting Saved searches in Feedbin are nice, but by default, they are not sorted.

Avoiding Spam with Email Aliasing

Anyone that sells anything wants an email address from me. There was a time when I could pretend to be a luddite and say I didn’t have one. But that’s getting harder to pull off and it doesn’t solve the issues presented by online stores that require an email address to do any transaction. My primary concern is always that the email address will be abused, sold and ultimately create a lot more work for me.

iThoughts is the Premier Mind Mapping Software for Mac and iOS Sponsor

Thanks to iThoughts for sponsoring Macdrifter this week. iThoughts is my go-to context mapping software because it works and does so much more than make a pretty map. Sponsored This article is about a sponsor's product. All of the ideas and words in this article are mine. I use iThoughts every day. I use more than almost any other app on my iPad. I also use it on my iPhone and Mac and sync everything through Dropbox.