Fantastical Tips for February 24, 2014

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These tips work with both the Mac and iOS version of Fantastical.

To create a Reminder instead of a calendar entry, start a sentence with “reminder”, “todo” or “task”:

todo Post Fantastical tips Saturday at 7pm

Use the keyboard shortcut ⌥-V on the Mac to prefix with a check mark (✔) and automatically toggle an entry to a Reminder.

Include basic date logic in an entry. Fantastical will take care of figuring out the date:

Post Fantastical tips in 3 days

Use the forward slash modifier to indicate a specific calendar or Reminders list. It works with closest fuzzy matching. /m matches my “Mac” list. /md matches my “Macdrifter” list.

Post Fantastical tips on Saturday /md

Create repeating events or tasks with natural language:

todo Take out the recycling every other Tuesday at 5pm /ho


Set the keyboard shortcut on the mac to get immediate access to the entry field.

Customize your system date settings to change the way Fantastical lists items:

Set double-click date option


Eric Pramano’s excellent Fantastical overview

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