Halide and Darkroom Photography on the iPhone

What a nice overview of by Jonathan Poritsky at The Candler Blog The main feature that blew me away was shooting RAW. Halide’s designer, Sebastiaan de With, has an excellent series on the topic, but here’s a quick example that made me want to shoot everything RAW. Halide allows you to shoot both RAW and JPG, the latter of which will have all the noise reduction and color correction the built in Camera app offers.

Maintenance and Being Prepared for the Mess of Photo Services

It feels like I’ve tried almost every photo storage, sharing and syncing service on the planet. I’ve learned exactly one lesson from all of this effort and expense: Being organized is the only way to stay neutral and sane. I’ve settled on a solution that may not be right for everyone. I run my own photo service on my NAS using a Synology. It works great but I have a well resourced system and a fast Internet connection.

26 Year Road Trip Link

Petapixel links to a great slideshow (as a video, which is a nice thing) covering the travels of a now 76 year old Gunther Holtorf traveling 500,000 miles and 26 years with two cameras and one truck.

Hazel, Dropbox and Flickr Photo Management Link

Here’s a great post on the Hazel forums. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. It’s nice seeing how others prioritize their fiddling. Photo management is one of the most personal tasks and the variability from person to person is significant.

Synology as a Private Photo Sharing Service A Visual Walkthrough

The past year’s turmoil and churn with photo storage services was a major motivation for me to get control of my own photo management. My primary goal was to develop a system that was service-agnostic. I wanted a file structure on a computer that I controlled and could easily be moved to a new sharing service if I needed to find another home. I found a terrific solution in the most unlikely place: my NAS.

Hazel Tip for Organizing Photos

When I moved my photos out of Aperture and into nested year/month folders one of the difficulties was reorganizing photos without clawing my eyes out. Luckily Hazel had me covered. Normally Hazel only works on the files within a specified folder and often I consider it just a quick filing utility. To dig deeper and operate on each file in all subfolders we need some Hazel trickery. If you have multiple rules set on a folder, they run in order.

Angelo Merendino Photography Link

This series makes me tear-up every time I look at it. It also makes me realize how much time we waste with the ones we love. By way of Twitter but I forget where. Sorry. I had something in my eye at the time.

Aperture Backup Routine Link

Mel Ashar gives a quick rundown one way to backup Aperture photos. Basically, I agree. Nothing is better than an external drive, but I’d forgo TimeMachine in favor a SuperDuper backup.

Who's Your Dada Link

From Randall Armor on cellphone photography versus classic photography: “You’re an idiot” she said. “And I’m not one of your students, so don’t even start. That’s a cool shot. It’s two-thousand-freaking-thirteen, old man. Who cares how I made it?” This is a great piece. I tend to hate all of these over-processed images. I honestly believe that for the vast majority of photos, the filters are a net negative.