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Keyboard Maestro Plugin For Shortcuts

Will you look at that! Stephen Millard generously created and shared a Keyboard Maestro plugin for Shortcuts on macOS. This looks like a great bridge to Shortcuts, which is still the best way to work with Apple Calendar data.

A Few New Macros for Keyboard Maestro Folders and Clipboards

I’ve been doing quite a bit of macro maintenance in my Keyboard Maestro collection. That also means I’ve been writing new macros because once that KM window is open I tend to fall down a lot of rabbit holes. Every January I need to create a sequence of numerical month folders on a couple of servers. It’s easy but repetitive work. This is a good niche for Keyboard Maestro. This macro accepts a starting number and ending number and creates zero padded folders like 01, 02, 03.

Paste as Typed Text

It’s dumb but very helpful. This short Keyboard Maestro macro is a fix for forms that do not allow direct pasting of text.1 For example, some web forms require you to type in a password or phone number rather paste. Whatever the reason, this macro accomplishes a paste by typing each character. I think the macro is self explanatory. UPDATE: I noticed the clever TJ Luoma also wrote about a similar macro for removing formatting from text.

The Disk Checker Macro

I’ve had some bad luck recently with the SSD in my Macbook. So bad, that I needed it to be recovered at the Genius bar. They tell me my disk is still ok but, to be honest, I don’t buy it. So I setup a scheduled Keyboard Maestro macro that runs every morning at 3:30am and does a basic check of my disk.1 UPDATE: While I was messing with the macro for screenshots, I misplaced a flag for the sudo command.

Keyboard Maestro 6 Update

Keyboard Maestro 6 is out today and it adds a lot of nice features to one of my most used applications. There’s been a bit of a UI overhaul and KM has all new icons for the application and actions. Overall it’s a welcome change.1 KM6 also adds a new icon picker to help make macros a bit more visually distinct. But you’re not limited to the icons in the picker.

Pause TimeMachine Macro

Before I start a Skype session I always disable TimeMachine and Dropbox. They crank the Skype suck level to 11. I have a Keyboard Maestro macro to help setup for a call and then turn everything back on later with a different macro. The trouble is that sometimes I forget to turn things back on. So here’s a little example of a Keyboard Maestro pause macro. This example pauses TimeMachine for 2 hours and then automatically turns it back on.

The Ultimate Markdown Keyboard Maestro Guide Link

I’m not sure where to start with describing this tutorial by Patrick. Really, really great stuff. It’s got Markdown, macro organization, scripting and tips. This is the definitive guide on the planet. Nice work. If you’re not following RocketInk, then there may be something wrong with your Netscape browser or AOL connection.

Keyboard Maestro Tips and Tricks Link

I don’t think I’ve linked to this before, but Philippe Martin has one of the original and best pages of Keyboard Maestro tips.1 I love the formatting of the example macros. It’s clearly a labor of love and must have taken ages to compile. The whole thing beats the pants off of the native Keyboard Maestro documentation. I just wish it had better references and attribution. I know I’ve seen these before and I would really like to know the original sources.

Keyboard Maestro as OmniFocus Helper Link

Patrick Welker just let loose with his new site, and his first post is about using Keyboard Maestro to control OmniFocus. It’s a mix of all kinds of tips from around the web and some new ones I had not seen before. I follow Patrick on Twitter because he posts awesome links. I think his site is one of the best I’ve seen in recent memory. My favorite three features:

Make iTunes Rating Easier with Keyboard Maestro

I really like the new iTunes 11 mini-player and it has replaced several apps that I’ve used for interface controls in the past. The one trick that’s not available natively is a quick way to see and rate the currently playing track.1. I came up with a couple different ways to use Keyboard Maestro toward this end. Macro Group Version This is the version I really prefer. It consists of a new macro group that shows a palette for one action when triggered with ⌘+Shift+R.