Scruffy Thinking There's No Whining on the Yacht

Scruffy Thinking is a really good interview series. But I think I really love this last episode the best. There’s No Whining on the Yacht Kanen talks to Aaron Draplin (the creator of Field Notes) about work, success and keeping your head straight. I loved every single sentence of their informal discussion. You want inspiring quotes to model your life after? At least quote people that care about more than their own fortune.

Phylogeny And The History Of Language And Culture Link

I really like this article by John Wilkins. It’s a good scientific disassembly of some recent theories about the origin of the English language. History is hard to find, and we never have much confidence in our extensions beyond the data.

American Prometheus

American Prometheus is the biography of American scientist Robert Openheimer. It's a wonderful and sad story of a passionate person caught in the machinations of lesser men. I listened to the 26 hour audio book which is tolerable but not great. As an unabridged audio book it is complete but somewhat disjointed. It was compeling and fascinating none the less. I can recommend this book to anyone that has the slightest interest or enjoyment of any of the following topics:

Putting My Money Where My Convictions Are

Poor Netflix. They’re really taking a beating lately. It’s a little sad. I really believe in what they were doing but recently they lost their way. Which brings me to the odd-ball title of this post. As a customer, I am not thrilled with their recent changes. So much so, that I put my Netflix account on hold while they try to figure things out. However, I am thrilled with their existence.

Motivation Link

"Faster, you bastaaaaaaards!" The Kingsley Amis Memoirs is now on my reading list. Crushing that it's not on Audible. Via In The Pipeline

Star Wars The Genius of Lucas

There's been a lot of broken hearts about the edits Lucas has done to the Star Wars Trilogy over the years. In particular, there seems to be an enormous outcry over the new Bluray release. I don't think George Lucas is an idiot. I think he feels entitled to his edits and his vision and doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks. He's also smart enough to know that ANOTHER release of the un-edited Star Wars Trilogy should be come after he's made everyone desperately miss what they saw as children.