Putting My Money Where My Convictions Are

Poor Netflix. They’re really taking a beating lately. It’s a little sad. I really believe in what they were doing but recently they lost their way. Which brings me to the odd-ball title of this post.

As a customer, I am not thrilled with their recent changes. So much so, that I put my Netflix account on hold while they try to figure things out. However, I am thrilled with their existence. I want them to disrupt the television distribution industry. I want them to get up enough momentum that they can effect some real change. That’s also why I’m an investor.[1] I dabble in investing small amounts of money. I’m not betting my future, but I am making sacrifices to make these long-term investments. I’ve invested in things I want to succeed. I don’t short stock, I don’t flip, I just put money down on things that are valuable to me in a larger sense.

Sometimes it pays off financially, like with Apple. Sometimes it pays off in other ways, like when I bought Nuance awhile ago. It didn’t make me rich, but it did make me happy to see Siri be a viable mainstream technology.[2] Sometimes, it’s a major financial loss, like with Netflix. I’m not pulling out, but I’m also not reactivating my account yet.

  1. Seriously, if you’re dumb enough to take investment advice from somebody you don’t know on the Internet, then please, just do me a favor and donate the money to charity instead. Society thanks you. I AM somebody you don’t know.  ↩

  2. It would also be great if that made me rich too. I’m not a saint.  ↩