Star Wars The Genius of Lucas

There's been a lot of broken hearts about the edits Lucas has done to the Star Wars Trilogy over the years. In particular, there seems to be an enormous outcry over the new Bluray release. I don't think George Lucas is an idiot. I think he feels entitled to his edits and his vision and doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks. He's also smart enough to know that ANOTHER release of the un-edited Star Wars Trilogy should be come after he's made everyone desperately miss what they saw as children. If he released it now, would there be anything else to sell in the coming years? Honestly, Bluray is probably as good as the average consumer needs for home viewing.

So, I think he releases another couple abominations and then releases the unedited version within 5 years. People will buy them all. He will make way more money. He's not stupid.