Hotbox Coffee

I’ve definitely met my fair share of coffee snobs. They are generally condescending and critical of everyone else’s tastes and methods except their own. Do you use an AeroPress? You’re probably not using it right. Are you using a temperature controlled kettle? You probably are not using the right water. You name it and there’s a coffee snob that considers it to be critical to the “experience.” There’s plenty of variables to be concerned about but I’ve rarely found a noticeable difference beyond the beans.

Aerobie Newbie Link

Randy Murray discovers the Aeropress and loves it. Welcome to the party Randy! It's the best coffee maker I have ever owned. It also makes a pretty good dry-hop press for adding some extra zing to an IPA.1 Fun fact: Aerobie were the geniuses behind the original Aerobie flying ring. I had one as a kid and that sucker could really fly. Whole hops only! Don't do it with the whole beer unless you like a flat beer.

Tough Beans

I tried about eight months ago. I had read good things about them and I loved the design of their Web site.[1] They also support independent roasters which sounds like a good thing to me. Unfortunately, after several shipments it was obvious that my tastes did not align with what they were shipping. It was a great idea, but we just were not a match. I “grew up” with Peet’s coffee and I guess I have a particular taste.