Tough Beans

I tried about eight months ago. I had read good things about them and I loved the design of their Web site.[1] They also support independent roasters which sounds like a good thing to me. Unfortunately, after several shipments it was obvious that my tastes did not align with what they were shipping. It was a great idea, but we just were not a match. I “grew up” with Peet’s coffee and I guess I have a particular taste. I like dark rich flavors but no acidity. I use an Aeropress[2] and look forward to that first cup of the day. I stopped looking forward to it when I only had the shipments to brew.

But I don’t want to bash them. That’s the gist of this post. They did something recently that completely blew my mind and made me an evangelist for a company whose product I don’t really like.

About three weeks ago, I received a call from asking me to participate in a phone survey. It was a real human that left the call so I was intrigued. I set up a time to do the survey and received a prompt call from a very nice young lady. They wanted to know why I canceled. Their line of questioning was not whiny. It was factual and inquisitive. I got the impression that they really wanted to understand how they could change their business to fit my needs. It was refreshing. It was hopeful.

When I completed the survey they offered either an Amazon gift card for my trouble or another shipment of coffee. Believe it or not, I chose the coffee. I desperately wanted to give them another chance. That phone call was effective and accomplished far more than any email, direct mail or spam robo-call could have. The coffee arrived today and I’m looking forward to my first cup tomorrow morning.

  1. I’m just being honest. Good taste matters.

  2. Believe it or not, my Aeropress is about 5 years old. It still works great.