AppStorm is Shutting Down Link

This is big loss. AppStorm has always been a bit of a fringe product for us, and one that loses money. Losses on their own would be OK if the site was a great fit for what our company purpose is. But despite my best efforts for the last couple of years, the fit has been loose at best. AppStorm was among less than 10 sites that actually performed a valuable service by writing detailed, well considered reviews.

Wasting Time with the Wolfram Wallpaper

Head over to WolframAlpha and change the wallpaper to one of the new-ish active wallpapers. Now when you mouse over one of the many different icons, they light up. Click one of them to perform an unexpected search. The quality and detail of the results in WolframAlpha always tickle me more than they should.

Rethinking Ads

Notice anything different here? About two months ago I decided to try an experiment with advertising on Macdrifter. I’m not militant about ads in any one direction. As a reader, I appreciate that ads can be annoying when repetitive and sparse on information. As a writer, I appreciate that ads helped to buy the nice fonts, logo and design holding up these words right now. I can only guess what it’s like for the product creators that rely on ads for sales.

Bigfoot Notes Link

Chris Suave made a wonderful footnote pop-over for Web sites. It’s called Bigfoot. Not only are the footnote previews gorgeous and functional, but they work on mobile devices too. The documentation isn’t too shabby either. That’s some high quality work.

Chuck Norris is a Color Link

I don’t know what is more fascinating, the fact that Chuck Norris is a valid HTML color or the explanation as to why it is.

Node and Ghost on WebFaction Link

WebFaction just rolled out their easy installers for Node.js and the new simple blogging platform Ghost. Ghost looks great and hosting it yourself sounds even better. Like I said, WebFaction does have one-click installers, but it’s just the stuff you want.

Feed Wrangler Import Improvements

I’ve been putting off publishing my review of Feed Wrangler. It was late to the game and had the most ground to make up. Believe it or not, I don’t like to write negative reviews. Today, Feed Wrangler bridged a major gap. Feed Wrangler OPML Import will now automatically create “Smart Streams” from Google Reader feed groups. If you are already using Feed Wrangler, there’s no need to delete and start over.


JSDB.io is a database of JavaScript libraries. Umm. That’s a lot of libraries. Like, all of them.

The Great RSS Infrastructure Race of 2013

This week there has been a number of positive announcements about RSS readers on the web and iOS. Go ahead and take a few minutes to read through the articles on Rumproarius for some ideas on why RSS is a good market to be in right now. Yesterday came news of Reeder’s plans to support new syncing services as well as Feedly’s inclusive roadmap plans. From some recent back and forth on Twitter, it also sounds like Mr.