The Great RSS Infrastructure Race of 2013

This week there has been a number of positive announcements about RSS readers on the web and iOS.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to read through the articles on Rumproarius for some ideas on why RSS is a good market to be in right now.

Yesterday came news of Reeder’s plans to support new syncing services as well as Feedly’s inclusive roadmap plans. From some recent back and forth on Twitter, it also sounds like Mr. Reader will get some Feedly action.1

I prefer the traditional folder list of feeds rather than the visually accosting “newspaper” metaphor provided by services like Feedly or Flipboard.

Indeed, these are promising collaborations. Multiple API’s with multiple apps means better options for customers. In this case, Google is actually innovating by quitting.

I do hope we see some equivalent innovation on the feed traffic measurement end. Most of the revenue on the web is still generated by ads that require those measurements. There’s some great sites that would not exist today without ad revenue. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for a writer to provide that information without thinking about it or even looking at it?

I think 2013 is already showing some great promise for those of us that love and depend on feed aggregators.

  1. Yup, affiliate link. ↩︎