Obsidian Templater Fun

I’m still having fun and friction with Obsidian. But let’s try something a bit more challenging than deciding on a folder structure for our notes. One of the things I like about modern text editors is that they are incredibly extensible. Most have a plugin architecture and also support some sort of scripting language. Obsidian has both and they are built on JavaScript. This article concerns the extremely powerful Templater plugin for Obsidian.

Draft Version Control Preview Link

The Drafts web app looks like it is coming along nicely. Nate is showing some previews of how the collaborative editing system works and highlights a new sharing feature. That aside, I found his use of MobileWorks interesting. I never considered that before. I’m not sure if I would ever go that route because I prefer a personal relationship with an editor. I like my writing voice. I just don’t like the way I write.

Simplenote Lifeline

Simperium, the makers of the Simplenote iOS app and the Simplenote syncing service, have been acquired by Automattic, the makers of WordPress.org. I’m cautiously hopeful for this change. I miss Simplenote desperately. It was great for several years but this past year it took a serious nosedive.1 It chewed through my data and lost new notes and old notes indiscriminately without any notice from Simperium or the apps they make. It’s that lack of transparency that caused me to finally kill off my subscription.

Linking to Text Files in OmniFocus (Or Anywhere)

OmniFocus is great, but there’s really only one option for adding reference material, it goes into the task notes. But I don’t like to keep my reference material in OmniFocus. I like to keep it in my plain text notes on Dropbox. The best solution for my workflow is to use a TextDrop file URL in the task notes. This provides the flexibility of letting me edit my notes in a real text editor but also makes those notes available on any device that is connected to the web.

VIM Beginner's Guide Link

A lot of resources on this portal. It’s not a tutorial but more of a starting point for other tutorials. I guess I’m VIM curious.

KnowsyNotes Link

It’s Windows only, but KnowsyNotes looks interesting. The ability to edit CSV data like it was Markdown is insanely awesome. I’d love to see it add the option to edit the CSV data as a Markdown section.