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Thanks to iThoughts for sponsoring Macdrifter this week. iThoughts is my go-to context mapping software because it works and does so much more than make a pretty map. Sponsored This article is about a sponsor's product. All of the ideas and words in this article are mine. I use iThoughts every day. I use more than almost any other app on my iPad. I also use it on my iPhone and Mac and sync everything through Dropbox.

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I want to thank DEVONtech for sponsoring this site and for giving away great software. NOTE: DEVONtech is having a sale through Monday Dec. 2nd. Get 25% off all of their software. That’s a rare offer and it’s a good deal. I almost wish I didn’t already own everything they sell. That’s right, DEVONtech gives away some nice software that you can download every day for free: EasyFind for complex boolean searches for files in the Finder PhotoStickies to put any photo, including a webcam, in a floating window on your Mac ThumbsUp makes Web site thumbnails fast WordService is a system service for manipulating text CalcService lets you use most Apple applications as a quick calculator Blueservice lets you send text from apps on your Mac to any Bluetooth compatible device I’ve used EasyFind many times and it’s powerful.

Terminology by Agile Tortoise Sponsor

Terminology for iOS is sponsoring Macdrifter this week. I couldn’t be more excited to have one of my favorite apps sponsor the site. It’s easy to think Terminology is just the best quick-entry dictionary tool for iOS. While it is an excellent dictionary app, Terminology is really a multi-tool for word nerds. Sponsored This article is about a sponsor's product. This is not ad-copy, it's my opinion about something I think is terrific.

DEVONthink Document Magic Group, Classify and Related Sponsor

DEVONtech is sponsoring Macdrifter again this week. They make terrific software and they are a consistent supporter of this site. Both are good reasons to check them out. Sponsored This overview describes a sponsor's product. It happens to be something that I use and think is really great. The ideas and words in this post are mine because DEVONthink is great. Grouping Documents DEVONthink treats groups just like directories.

Archiving with DEVONthink

DEVONtech is sponsoring Macdrifter this week. If you’re not familiar with their products, you’re missing out on some extremely powerful stuff for your Mac. SponsoredThis tutorial is about a sponsor's product. The concepts, words and opinions are mine. I like DEVONtech and their awesome software. I've used DEVONthink for almost 10 years and it's one of the best pieces of software on my Mac. I feel good about recommending it. I feel better showing why I recommend it.

Thanks to Igloo for Sponsoring this Week Link

Thanks to Igloo for sponsoring the RSS feed again this week. Stop waiting for your IT department to move off SharePoint and start using an intranet you’ll actually like. Igloo is free to use with your team, it’s built around easy to use apps like blogging and file sharing, and it has social tools built right in to help you get work done. It works on your desktop, your tablet and your phone.

Thanks to Booking.com for Sponsoring Macdrifter Link

Thanks to Booking.com for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. They sponsor the sites you read and that’s awesome. Forgive the cliche, but coming to work for Booking.com has been one of the best decisions. Within a week of arriving to the Netherlands, I had already created two UI experiments and pushed code to the live site. It was intimidating and thrilling at the same time. Those feelings haven’t left.

Thanks to Encoding.com Link

A hearty thanks to Encoding.com for sponsoring Macdrifter this week. They offer a pretty incredible service. It’s not just an API. There’s a number of desktop integrations available too. Pretty slick. Still encoding video with on-premise hardware? Encoding.com is the world’s fastest cloud encoding service. We’ve made proprietary optimizations for ingest, queue times, processing, and egress of your source content that rivals the fastest on-premise equipment, with infinite scalability.

Tokens for Mac Link

Thanks to this week’s sponsor. Tokens for Mac is probably the easiest way for developers to get promo codes from iTunes and share them. Tokens is a Mac app for managing App Store promo codes Tokens gets promo codes from iTunes Connect, creates shareable URLs for each code and notifies you once they’re redeemed. The first step to getting your app noticed is inviting bloggers to try it. Promo codes let you give away free copies of your app, but unfortunately they’re laborious to create, awkward to redeem and impossible to track.

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Thanks to MightyDeals.com for sponsoring the Macdrifter feed this week. Ask anyone who’s ever tried to knock in a nail with a screwdriver: having the wrong tools is a major hindrance. Access to the right tools saves time, increases the quality of your work and adds to the pleasure of doing a job well. The trouble for designers & developers is that there are so many tools out there, it’s hard to know what’s worthwhile, let alone being able to afford half of the resources we want.