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Terminology for iOS is sponsoring Macdrifter this week. I couldn’t be more excited to have one of my favorite apps sponsor the site.

It’s easy to think Terminology is just the best quick-entry dictionary tool for iOS. While it is an excellent dictionary app, Terminology is really a multi-tool for word nerds.

Terminology supports user-defined lookups, which means it’s only limited by your imagination. You configure actions using the URL schemes of your favorite web-based language tools.

Here’s an example for Acronym Finder. Just tap on the Terminology settings and then go to the Manage Actions view. Create a new action and use this URL:


Now you can get the common definition from Terminology or use the custom action to browse other meanings of the acronym.

Maybe you need another source to confirm your abbreviation. Here’s an action URL for Abbreviations.com:


Ok, so you have a handle on the meaning of this new abbreviation but why haven’t you heard it before? Just fire off the action with the Google Trends:


Ah. There it is. A sudden spike in the usage of the term. That explains it.

That’s what I really love about Terminology. With the right actions, it becomes a rich research tool. The tools can be tailored to your specific needs, be it scientific, medical or legal. Here’s an example that searches a legal dictionary:


From one app, you can quickly enter a search term and just tap through and entire collection of reference sources.

This is how I use it. I run down my list of favorite sources and grab a little bit more information from each along the way.

Speaking of grabbing results, Terminology works great for copying the definitions you find too. All of the in-app definitions can be exported as plain text with one action.

What you get out the other end, is the perfect plain text (markdown, no less) export, ready for use in any text editor:


# nsa

## Noun

1. the United States cryptologic organization that coordinates and directs highly specialized activities to protect United States information systems and to produce foreign intelligence information
	- Synonyms
        - National Security Agency
        - NSA
	- Less specific
        - United States intelligence agency
	- Part of
        - Department of Defense
        - Defense Department
        - United States Department of Defense
        - Defense
        - DoD
	- Member of
        - Intelligence Community
        - National Intelligence Community
        - United States Intelligence Community
        - IC

Here are some more of my personal custom actions:

Your Dictionary


Roget’s Thesaurus


Antonyms at Synonym.com


Synonyms at Word Detail.org


This is how I research a new word. I work my way through my favorite sources until I find what I’m looking for. There’s no need for multiple web searches or bouncing around the web. I just tap down my favorites.

Terminology is available now from the App Store as a universal app. Grab it and start having some fun with words.