NetNewsWire iCloud Sync

Speaking of RSS, I’ve been very happy with the latest NetNewsWire betas. iCloud syncing in NetNewsWire is fast and stupid-easy. The iOS apps are very nice for reading and the Mac app is stable and uses very little power. It’s just nice to have a rock-solid RSS reader that focuses on what I like about RSS: Easy reading and fast syncing.

The Feed Reader Reviews Six Months Later

I may have tested a dozen RSS services in the past six months. Of all of the options, I liked NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler and Feedbin the best. I’ve primarily used NewsBlur for its intelligent filtering of my feeds. I’ve also maintained my Fever server but it has begun to lose my interest as development has dried up. Each of these services have matured over time. While Feedly continues down a slippery slope I dislike, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler and Feedbin continue to provide an honest service for an honest fee.

Feed Wrangler Import Improvements

I’ve been putting off publishing my review of Feed Wrangler. It was late to the game and had the most ground to make up. Believe it or not, I don’t like to write negative reviews. Today, Feed Wrangler bridged a major gap. Feed Wrangler OPML Import will now automatically create “Smart Streams” from Google Reader feed groups. If you are already using Feed Wrangler, there’s no need to delete and start over.