Linking to Text Files in OmniFocus (Or Anywhere)

OmniFocus is great, but there’s really only one option for adding reference material, it goes into the task notes. But I don’t like to keep my reference material in OmniFocus. I like to keep it in my plain text notes on Dropbox. The best solution for my workflow is to use a TextDrop file URL in the task notes. This provides the flexibility of letting me edit my notes in a real text editor but also makes those notes available on any device that is connected to the web.

Keyboard Maestro as OmniFocus Helper Link

Patrick Welker just let loose with his new site, and his first post is about using Keyboard Maestro to control OmniFocus. It’s a mix of all kinds of tips from around the web and some new ones I had not seen before. I follow Patrick on Twitter because he posts awesome links. I think his site is one of the best I’ve seen in recent memory. My favorite three features:

A Task Management Vision Quest

I’ve used OmniFocus since the first week it was released. I’ve reached a professional tipping point. I manage some large projects with dozens of contributors that span several years. My OmniFocus database has many, many hundreds of tasks. Six months ago I realized that contexts were becoming irrelevant in an always-available and online world. I can do email at any time. I can write or search the web from my phone.

Icons and OmniFocus Perspectives

Who doesn’t like a handsome looking OmniFocus theme? Some folks will sit and twiddle their theme for days1 and never consider the perspective icons. My goal for OmniFocus is that the application melts away and I just see my projects and tasks. A good color scheme is just part of that. Good perspective icons means I know instinctively which perspective to click without reading the name. Silvia Gatta has put together a great set of icons in both 32x32px and 64x64px (for retina displays).

Completed OmniFocus Tasks to Day One Link

Rob Trew does wonderful things. This new trick is pretty compelling. It pulls completed tasks from OmniFocus into Day One. While I don’t use Day One for this kind of journaling I can see why someone would want to. If you use OmniFocus or Folding Text, you probably want to subscribe to Rob’s GitHub. I’d be willing to bet that lots of cool stuff shows up there.

OmniFocus Flags, Due Dates and Reviews Link

Rob continues his discussion on OmniFocus over at Gridwriter. Due dates and priority have lost all meaning. I couldn’t tell what I could put off for the next day from the truly urgent tasks. OmniFocus is a tool, not a prescription for success. The right methodology depends on the person and individual situation. To think otherwise is to assume too much.

OmniFocus to Due Link

I use Due on iOS and Mac as my reminder system. It’s not for tasks, it’s for something I really have to get done at a specific time, no matter what. Sven has a nice Keyboard Maestro macro for converting an OmniFocus task to a Due reminder. This is great.

PlainTasks OmniFocus Style Link

A very attractive styling of the PlainTasks package for Sublime Text. There’s some nice attention to detail in this one. Previous Post

GoodReader Links in OmniFocus

GoodReader is the all purpose file manager on iOS. It's a great PDF reader too. It also integrates well with OmniFocus. From GoodReader, I select the file (in this case, a PDF I want to finish reading) and copy the link to the iOS pasteboard. I then paste the link into the notes section of a new OmniFocus inbox action. Now I can directly open the PDF in GoodReader and pickup from where I left off.

Fanedit Link

There was this from Merlin. Then this in OmniFocus: You don't even want to know what kind of stuff I have in OmniFocus.