Some Obsidian Shortcuts and a Macro

One major shortcoming of Obsidian is that it does not integrate well with macOS or iOS so there are no conveniences for capturing text into an Obsidian note. I decided to learn a bit about the Obsidian URL scheme (which works on macOS and iOS) and create some Shortcuts to fill in the gap. New Obsidian Note This is a simple Shortcut that has one purpose: Give me a simple and convenient window to create a new Obsidian note on macOS and iOS.

Link Archiving in Obsidian

I’ve tried hard not to write about the Obsidian text editor because it gets tedious and boring. But I’ve been very happy with a couple of new plugins and this topic is really about link-rot. Let’s backup and talk about that first. I’m a thousand years old now, so many of my bookmarks no longer work. The URLs are dead or, just as likely, the website is now behind a paywall.

Obsidian Templater Fun

I’m still having fun and friction with Obsidian. But let’s try something a bit more challenging than deciding on a folder structure for our notes. One of the things I like about modern text editors is that they are incredibly extensible. Most have a plugin architecture and also support some sort of scripting language. Obsidian has both and they are built on JavaScript. This article concerns the extremely powerful Templater plugin for Obsidian.

Obsidian Notes

I spent the last few weeks traveling and working out of hotels.1 Much of that work involved text files in Obsidian. I have a few notes on the experience.2 Most of the themes in Obsidian are just not that attractive to me. Some use monospace fonts in the body text. Some use wacky colors for every attribute, which I find very distracting. I’m not a huge fan of the variable size header styles in most themes.