Notes on Obsidian

I’ve enjoyed using Craft app for the past few months but I’m not thrilled with the incomplete markdown support and the lack of end to end encryption. Like every other nerd, I’ve watched Obsidian rise to the top of new age text editors. This article is my reflection on using Obsidian as a note manager. Let me start with the baseline. I am using version 0.12.5 of Obsidian on macOS. I prefer the subtlegold theme in dark mode.

A Markdown Webbrowser

Thanks to a Twitter follower, I got to thinking about this TUAW article highlighting Choosy for Mac. This doesn’t directly solve my issues with sites like Macworld that play audio and video when they open. What I really want is a Markdown browser. So, here’s a Markdown browser that uses the Mac app Fluid. Create a new Fluid app. I’d suggest using the URL for the browser so you get a cool icon.

iThoughts and Marked Link

Brett wins for so many reasons, least of which is the anthropomorphizing of software and their mutual affection. This video excites me way more than it should. My iThoughts icon has three thumbs up, because if I’m going to imagine my application with arms, it damn well will have more than two.

Markdown Classic

There’s a new site for Markdown enthusiasts, and it’s really too bad about their implementation. I don’t mean their test suite or their documentation. Those look outstanding. The bravado is a little out of whack. Standard Markdown appears to have two major goals: To provide a specification for various aspects of the original Markdown To poke a thumb in the eye of the Markdown creator John Gruber for ignoring the greatness of Jeff Atwood I actually think the first goal is admirable and very well executed.

The TextBundle Format Link

Sure, MultiMarkdown is awesome. It’s the cornerstone of 90% of my written words. But have you ever tried to work with MMD using multiple AppStore apps? It can be frustrating. Jumping between apps usually means closing the document, quitting the app and reopening the document in the new app. It also means dealing with embedded images in surprising and disappointing new ways each time. Brett Terpstra and The Soulmen did what good people usually do.

Markdown Table Generator Link

A very nice web form for quickly generating Markdown, LaTeX, and HTML tables. I appreciate all of the little formatting options too. You can also import CSV data to create the table too. Well done. By way of Rants and Rambles

Slugline Update and Free Trial Link

I’m no screenwriter, but this looks like a nice update to Slugline. Writing in plain text is awesome and liberating, but only if it does what you need in the end. Slugline continues to advance and add convenience features. This update adds Continued Dialog markers. There’s also a free demo you can download and try now. Here’s the feature page and demo page if you’re still curious.

With Markdown, Even the Blind Can Write Link

Steven Aquino has a wonderful article on TidBits about using Markdown as a visually impaired writer: The less time I have to look at the screen, the better my eyes feel. Thus, what makes using Markdown so great is that I don’t have to waste time trying to locate buttons or menu options. I just glance down at my keyboard to ensure I’m pressing the right keys. I couldn’t agree any more. Web-based Markdown Editing is a new web-based Markdown editor.1 But, it’s more than just an editor. It’s more like a journaling system. It feels like it’s in the early stages but not in a bad way. I really like how the project was born. The developer was just scratching an itch and came up with a nice thing to make available to everyone. has a pleasant design that is reminiscent of Ulysses for the Mac.