Replacing Logitech Control Center with BetterTouchTool

Long time, no post! Hi diehard readers. I hope this is a little reward for not cleaning up your RSS feeds. I really enjoy using Logitech mice, which is good because almost no one else makes multi-function mice for macOS anymore. The MX Master 3 for macOS is a well designed, comfortable mouse with a lot of buttons and scroll wheels. Unfortunately the Logitech control center software is extremely bad. Over the past year I’ve been noticing mouse lag so extreme that I decided to give up on Logitech.

Hotkey Memory

I have a confession: I can’t remember all of my hotkey combinations and I waste a lot of time repeating mundane tasks. Between macOS, Keyboard Maestro, Moom, Alfred, and every little app shortcut, I simply can’t keep them top of mind. Here’s what I can remember at this moment: CMD-Opt-T opens the Todoist quick entry panel. Ctrl-Opt-M opens Moom in grid layout mode to move a window. CMD-Opt-Arrow moves a window around a 2x3 grid on my screen (via Keyboard Maestro).

Window Management with Keyboard Maestro on macOS

macOS Monterey comes with some new window management tricks but they feel incomplete and a little frustrating. I have one suggestion for the Apple team that works on Spaces and window management: Get a big ass monitor. I did. It’s a gorgeous 38" display that makes me feel like I’m working on a space ship. It was surprisingly hard to adapt to so many pixels but I’m loving almost everything about it.