COVID Links in

I switched my bookmarking to awhile back and I’m still pretty happy with it. Sadly, I’ve also been using it to collect bookmarks about COVID. That collection is now publicly available without needing to sign-up for Raindrop.

Stones Turned This Week

I found the idea of a minimum viable self interesting. Illusion or not, we tend to see other people’s lives as works of art. And having seen them this way, we struggle to (make our lives) the same. I was reading a bit about the Rust programming language and found a nice article about the community around Rust. Without people who have it as their personal goal to make something happen, things just don’t happen.

Stones Turned 2021-06-19

I learned about a python library named Arrow that makes time stamp handling better I stumbled on a new web app called Utopia that seems a lot like a modern DreamWeaver I read “Modern Python Developers Toolkit and found a lovely page of VSCode plugins I’m all in with the new Loki series from Disney and CNet had a good explainer for The Variant I sure hope FLoC is a flop but I feel weird rooting for Amazon

Link Fest May 2021

There are some delightful sites out there on the internet. Here’s a few that I’m enjoying. I only had one criteria for this list: the sites must support RSS. Remember RSS? It’s like Twitter without the buttholes. is a weird and wonderful collection of things from Andy Baio. turned me on to the new version of StumbleUpon and I can’t stop clicking. I love their rules for submitting new links and the results are proof that there’s still really neat and weird things happening on the internet.

Some Feed Suggestions

I still prefer the variety of articles I get from RSS feeds over any social media based link aggregator. If you’re getting tired of seeing the same old stuff, here are some suggestions. First off, subscribe to the Pinboard popular feed. It tends to be pretty nerdy and occasionally political but it’s good at scooping up a good mix of stuff along with the things likely being beaten to death on Twitter.

New Adobe Suite Comes with 1 TB of Cloud Storage

This new Adobe suite seems like a pretty great deal, considering that it includes 1 TB of storage with sync. For “a limited time” the photography bundle plus storage is $15 per month. Compare that with Apple’s iCloud storage options which is $10 per month for 2 TB. I know it’s not a direct comparison and that iCloud comes with apps too but I think Apple’s pricing is still too high for what you get.

Itertools Example

This example from Dr. Drang is pretty creative. It uses Python’s Itertools to solve a boring math problem in an interesting way.

A Possible Business Model for Tumblr Link

From Dave Winer at Scripting News: Seeding users with test units of products. Or taking 100 bloggers from some random city to a new movie a week before it comes out and letting them write about it. I think that would make Tumblr a news outlet or at least a review site. Maybe that would work. What do I know. But I don’t think the problem is that we have too few armatures publishing opinions.

Apple's Continuity Page Link

Old but new to me, this Apple support page is a nice overview of all the continuity services on iOS and Mac. This includes Handoff, Universal Clipboard, Instant Hotspot, Auot Unlock, Calls and SMS notifications.