Keyboard Maestro 10

I’m so out of the mix with Mac automation that I didn’t even realize there was a new version of Keyboard Maestro coming out. Version 10 has a lot of new shiny features. I can’t wait to do some fun stuff with the new Menubar display but the new unlock and appearance change triggers will probably be saving me a lot of time with docking and undocking my MacBook Air.

Keyboard Maestro Adds File Drop Trigger

It’s incredible when an app as full featured and long-lived as Keyboard Maestro adds new features. Now we get file-drop triggers for macro actions. I’ve only just started experimenting with it. Here’s a macro that I made awhile ago to grab the path to a file selected in the finder. Here’s a version that works with a dropped file instead. The “TriggerValue” contains the path to the dropped file. Now I can drag a file to the action as a trigger and source.

Keyboard Maestro 7 Available

Keyboard Maestro is probably the single most helpful application you can put on a Mac. Today, you can get version 7 for $36 or upgrade from a previous version at a 50% discount. Version 7 focuses on two major interface changes. First, building macros is easier than ever with integrated help for each action, more logical controls for highlighting, commenting, and generally controlling steps in a macro. There’s also now auto-complete for variable names, which is a huge time saver.