Schwartz For Graphics Code

Everything from Todd Ditchendorf is so unique and thoughtful. His groundbreaking app Fluid is known by every longtime Mac user. Todd continues to impress with his new apps too. Schwartz is a vector graphics app that automatically generates templated code in a variety of languages. As with everything under the Celestial Teapot umbrella, Schwartz is also inexpensive at only $10. Here’s a great intro to using Schwartz to create SVG graphics for Safari pinned tabs.

Delight is in the Details Sponsor

My thanks to Shawn Blanc for making Delight is in the Details and for sponsoring Macdrifter. It’s a terrific experience and you can get a crazy 25% discount this week. Bridging the gap between good work and great work is easier said than done. There is no checklist that includes all the details which need sweating over — we figure it out as we go, and it’s on a project-by-project basis.

Creating Colors in Spectrum for Mac and iOS

Color palettes can be hard for tasteless amateur like myself. Luckily technology continues to make me look better than I am. Spectrum is an iOS and Mac app for generating and syncing color palettes and I think it’s great. There are two primary ways to get started with creating a new color palette. First there is the Harmony system where you decide on the number of colors and then adjust them across a color wheel.

Priceonomics on Susan Kare Link

What a great overview of someone that made an indelible mark on computer interfaces and user expectations. Kare was subsequently offered a fixed-length, part-time job designing fonts and icons for the Apple Macintosh; her business card read “HI Macintosh artist.” She’d never worked on computer graphics before Apple, but quickly made strides to adjust to her new medium. “I remember I didn’t really know anything about digital typography, but I got as many books on it as I could,” she recalls.

How to Choose Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Applications Link

Here’s a nice article about the considerations for keyboard shortcuts in designing a web application. These are actually pretty good things to think through for any kind of keyboard shortcut. As an aside, I still don’t understand why people choose to write on Medium. In this case I think the author is one of the people behind Checkvist, which has great keyboard shortcuts, but I can’t tell.

Simple Callouts in OmniGraffle

I’ve been using Napkin for one simple feature: their magnifier callouts. Here’s an example from a recent post: I really like the look and emphasis provided by the Napkin callouts but the application broke on Mavericks. So, I switched back to my old standby, OmniGraffle.1 I’ve been an OmniGraffle user for as long as I can remember.2 At first, OmniGraffle comes across as too complex for mere mortals. However, once I got comfortable with the basic tools I realized it was actually a much simpler toolkit than most of the design-centric apps I’ve used.

Adventure Time Icons Link

You know, I kind of miss my crazy Mac icon themes from my youth. I have a longing to create an Adventure Time theme that starts with this.

Image Sizes Link has a really handy little chart of various image and screen sizes.

Redesign iOS Yourself Link

Very Funny. Isn’t it fun redesigning an OS without having to worry about the implementation at all?

iOS Fonts Link

As the name implies, a bunch of fonts on iOS. Search by iOS version and preview your own text. This works best when viewed from an iOS device. By way of someone on Twitter. Sorry, lost the link.