Dawn Patrol

What do you do Saturday mornings between five and eight a.m.? My friends and I record a new podcast called Dawn Patrol.

The show is essentially raw. It’s minimally edited and we talk about the kinds of things normal nerds talk about. The first episode is about hyper-fandom, lock-in and community. We don’t know the show direction until we’re recording and Erik, Bob, Potatowire and I are all different enough that it’s not just 4 people sitting around nodding in agreement. I don’t think I’d like that show.

You can subscribe to the master feed that includes Technical Difficulties and Dawn Patrol at http://technicaldifficulties.us/master-feed. As always, you can listen through SoundCloud or through direct download and services like Huffduffer.

The Technical Difficulties show will power on with new shows every other week with no guarantee of a consistent schedule. That’s our pledge to you. Good show notes take time.