I read a lot of technical papers and books. None are as fun as the comic-esque explainers from Wizardzines. Now, Julia Evans has put everything online, including incomplete comics and single topics such as Sort & Uniq Wizardzines are wonderful little tutorials that don’t just make good references (or posters) but are more succinct than most technical books. I suggest going all in for a hundred bucks. That gets you all of the completed comics like Bite Size Bash, which is just a lovely overview of a good chunk of Bash.

The Terminal by Hockenberry Link

Craig Hockenberry has a lengthy post up about his favorite things in the Terminal. It’s so full of greatness it’s hard to pick one tip to highlight. I love this kind of thing because it’s helpful and it’s written in a unique voice. The command line also responds to control keys. The ones I use the most are Control-A and Control-E to move to the beginning and end of the line.

Piping SSH

Here’s some tips for file transfer over SSH. Piping through SSH is also useful for streaming output from a command on one machine to a different machine. But the biggest shocker to me during my research was that the xkcd forums are actually pretty useful.

Command Line One Liners for Mac Link

There is never a day that I’m not interested in terminal one-liners. Here’s a basic collection for today. I think it’s by way of Dr. Bunsen

Fundamentals of Bash Scripting Link

Nettuts does a really good job with these mini-tutorials. The latest about bash scripting is true to their record. What makes this one standout is the form. It starts with a premise and works through the increasing complexity step-wise. It turns out that 90-99.5% of the candidates for a programming job are simply unable to write the simplest program. Imran took this simple Fizz-Buzz game and asked the candidates to solve it.

Command Line Monitoring Tools

A nice outline of common unix tools for monitoring resources and processes.1 I originally drafted this post with a link to Nettuts. But it looks like they just ripped off the original. Kind of disappointing. It makes me skeptical of the rest of their work. ↩︎

The Checkvist Inbox and Some API Scripts

I find myself using Checkvist more every day (Previous Post). I’m constantly surprised by how well it works. I’ve been happily using it for most of my outlining. Recently I started to use it as a sort of Inbox for everything that is not a task. This role was previously filled by Dropbox plain text files but I wanted to try something new to alleviate some problems associated with my large collection of notes.

Setting the Time Zone in the Bash Profile

I’m mostly just putting this here for my future-self to find when he forgets. Hey, dummy. Set your host’s time zone offset by adding this line to your bash profile: :::bash TZ="/usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York"; export TZ You’re welcome. Reference, in case you don’t believe me