A Hole in the World

There's a big hole in the world today. We all lose and no one wins. There will be scavengers picking over last night's event making points about agendas that really do not matter. There will be sound-bytes and cameras and close-ups and theme music. But really what there is right now is suffering and loss. I'm fortunate enough that I get to hug everyone I love tonight. I give my sympathies but they are worthless.

Why So Many Links?

In the continuing saga of Blogging about Blogging: I've been doing a lot of links lately, I know. For anyone that's interested, here's a bit of explanation. I have three reasons I've been posting a lot more links. Exercising some code I've been tweaking the code for my blogging system. I've been adjusting how the linked articles are generated. Specifically, I have been trying to make Have a Mint analytics work with RSS feeds.

Ph.D. In Law Link

I'm not sure this will fix the problems with too many Law grads and not enough paying jobs.

Fathers Day

This is my third Fathers day as a dad. Being a dad means I can be an adult and a kid at the same time. My daughter and I live through each other vicariously. I get to experience everything all over again as if it's the first time and she has me to manifest an endless stream of wonders that she can't even dream of yet. For this fathers day, I learned to draw Totoro.

Service Alert

I'm hacking on this site again. Stuff will break. There will be some odd posts. Welcome to my hobby: Breaking things I don't understand so that I can understand them better.

It's Time for an App Store Reset

The App Store is huge. There more apps than an average person can possibly browse. One of the problems I see regularly are abandoned apps — apps that receive no updates or support. I would appreciate a purifying rain to cleanse the App Store of cruft. If Apple pressed a rest button and removed all apps that have not been updated in the past 12 months I would buy more. I would worry less about abandon-ware but it would also be easier to indentify the cream of the crop apps.

Writing Implements

My favorite notepad is the Rhodia 5x5 flip pad. The new Rhodia Pad Holder 1 is a practical addition. It's a durable little notebook that's also easy to throw in a bag or squeeze in a jacket pocket. My favorite analog note system is the Rhodia pad and a Prismacolor Premier 05 black pen. The Rhodia paper is more dense and less porous than other notebooks I've used. I also prefer graph paper most of the time.

Waxing Philosophical

Here's a thought I shared with my family over the holiday weekend. I don't like the expression, "Live today like it was your last day on earth." Honestly, if we all did that, this would be a pretty awful world. Instead, I want to live a life I wouldn't mind repeating forever. If I had to live the same exact life over and over, what would I want it to be like?

Let's Get Real

I agree with Mr. Gruber from back in 2011: The designs in these concept videos are free from real-world constraints — technical, logical, fiscal. Dealing with constraints is what real design is all about. Institutional attention on the present day — on getting innovative industry-leading products out the door and creating consumer demand for them — requires relentless company-wide focus. The only thing that matters is the shipping product. Cartoons are easy.