TaskPaper for vim Link

I omitted the vim plugin for TaskPaper from my R&D Notebook article. It was deliberate because I have absolutely no way to evaluate it. I don’t use vim. But it looks like an excellent implementation for anyone that does.

Alfred Workflow for Opening TaskPaper Files

This is just a simple Alfred workflow that I find useful. It lists my TaskPaper text files and then opens the selection in TaskPaper. Nothing fancy. Use a dot search, if you want to see all of the files in the directory. Download the Workflow as a zip file

Rob Trew's Perspectives for TaskPaper Link

Rob Trew is a wizard. This latest piece of work re-creates the OmniFocus perspective functionality for use with TaskPaper. It supports some basic natural language queries as well as adding an editing option. It all hinges on TaskPaper’s excellent query language. His work of bolting on huge feature enhancements to OmniFocus is now directed squarely at TaskPaper. This is going to get good.

SFTP Access to Dropbox Files

Let’s journey down the Nerd Hole™. I’ve longed for SFTP access to my Dropbox files. It always seemed like the easiest way to work on text files when at a locked down Windows computer or inside a remote script. But it was never important enough to dedicate much time. Fast forward to my recent migration to plain text task management. Now I really just want access to a handfull of text files from Sublime Text, Pythonista and variety of scripts.

The TaskPaper RD Notebook

This is part two in the series. In part one, I discussed the rules and detail designs of a plain text based task management experiment. The tag and project structure in the TaskPaper format is flexible and easy to comprehend. But the system is only as good as the tools available for working with the documents. In this article, I’ll document a broad set of tools available on various platforms for working with TaskPaper documents.

Deconstructing my OmniFocus Dependency

This post is about productivity masturbation. It’s an inevitable fact of life, but probably not something that I should have an audience for. You’ve been properly warned. I’ve broken this discussion into separate posts because apparently people don’t like long articles anymore. The subsequent article will be all about the tools for working with plain text tasks. An electronic system is only as good as the software used to interact with the data.