VS-Pi Link

This is a pretty cool Raspberry Pi project. From the VillageScience info page: It’s inexpensive. Fully assembled, we’re aiming for a cost of about US$65 per unit; It’s efficient. Our device needs very little electricity to operate and can run on solar power, a battery, or even a water wheel in a stream; It’s useful. VS-Pi comes “pre-loaded” with culturally-relevant, local language content from a variety of partners: educational texts, health videos, agricultural information, financial literacy training – all tailored to each community’s needs.

Python API for Dropbox Datastore Link

The Dropbox Datastore now has a Python SDK with examples. The announcement was written by Guido van Rossum himself. Very cool. Think about the possibilities of syncing data between instances of scripts across devices. Let’s hope Pythonista and Editorial both add this SDK. Note: I realize the title should say “SDK” instead of “API” but I don’t want to double post just to be pedantic.

Python API Link

Python API is just a page with links to Python modules and wrappers for various API’s. Go there, then make cool stuff.

What are the best programming fonts? Link

Slant has a nice collection of fonts (with example code) for programming. Some are predicatable, some are new and attractive and some I can not believe people would ever want to use.

A Couple of Git Tutorials

I’ve been forcing myself to get better around the edges. I’m forcing myself to pay more attention to the little things that I use, but use very inefficiently. One of those things is Git. Here are a couple tutorials that are really helpfull. Learn Git Branching is a highly visual introduction to Git. The visual nature of the tutorial is unique. A nice balance of words and cartoons.1 Ryan Irelan’s Git Tutorial is a basic introduction to Git.

Pythonmonk Link

Pythonmonk is a beautiful and interactive training site for Python. It’s fully interactive and forces the user to solve real code problems. You type right into the code samples and run them in the browser. Right now there is only a primer so it’s not too useful for me, but I think this is a great start.

Python, NLTK and Haikus Link

A bit of Python for mining Twitter for Haikus. I just think this is fun. I’m fascinated by the Python Natural Language Toolkit. This example just scratches the surface of NLTK.

Some Regular Expression Tools

Most of the CriticMarkup processing for the CLI, Sublime Text and BBEdit modules is done with regular expression matching. I’m terrible at regex. My best friend through the whole process was Sublime Text. I could load some example text and pop open the search bar. When in regex mode, the search field highlights the escaped characters and also performs real-time matching on the document ext. Granted, this is some simple regex, but we didn’t start simple, we ended simple.

Brython Python as a Replacement for JS Link

Brython feels like magic for someone that likes Python. Well, it’s really Python being converted to JS and then executed in the browser. The key is that the developer writes in Python inside a script tag instead of JS. Check out the console page