In The Parlance Of Our Time

If you’ve read much here on Macdrifter, you’ve probably seen some Big Lebowski Easter eggs. It’s one of my favorite movies and it’s also the secret handshake for people that share a certain perspective on the world. It’s with that backdrop that I wholeheartedly direct you to the latest At the Movies episode. The Big Lebowski instilled two important movie watching tics in me. First, I pay attention to the background of movies.

Star Wars Pre-Order On Itunes

It’s going to get pretty cold in hell. You can now pre-order Star Wars on iTunes. No mention if they are the original theatrical versions but I have low expectations. The Editor’s Note for A New Hope calls it “Episode I”

The Macdrifter Kid's Movie Index

My daughter is now four years old and in the intervening years between birth and now, I’ve carefully and not so subtly influenced her taste in movies. When the little girls in her class were asked what their favorite movie was many spontaneously erupted with squeals of joy for The Little Mermaid and Lion King. My daughter chose Star Wars. I win.1 This pinnacle of parenting prowess was reached as a result of careful and considered movie selections by dear old dad.