JSON Designer App

JSON Designer is another nice little developer utility. It’s not earth shattering but it is useful. At a most basic level, JSON Designer provides an interface to visually create and dissemble JSON structures. The interface is attractive and easy to orient. It feels a lot like iThoughts HD but for JSON. Objects and attributes can be selected by tapping and oriented by dragging. New JSON are imported in a couple of different ways.

iGist App Review

iGist is a free app for iPad. It’s a basic utility for accessing GitHub Gists. It has basic features, but it’s worth the price. It is a convenient way to quickly access Gists. Accessing private and favorite gists is very easy. The lack of search makes general explorations insufficient for my needs. What it is good for is quickly getting to my code. The display of the packages is nice.

iThoughts Update Adds Web Research Tools

Yeah, I’m pushing iThoughts HD again.1 The latest update adds a new standard feature for web research. It provides a builtin browser that can send links directly to the current outline. This might be the easiest way to quickly build a research outline on any platform. Did I mention that I love this app? Did you know you can dictate an outline with Siri? Yeah. Want to see a bunch of awesome demos of what iThoughts can do?

Diet Coda Update Link

What a nice surprise. Diet Coda 1.1 is out. Some highlights of the additions: Auto Indent Folders on top in file view Upload Photos and Videos

Trapit App

This will be the shortest review I have done for an app. I installed Trapit for iPad because I am a big Zite user. I configured Trapit to customize my news. I received a "Daily Digest Email" from Trapit the next day. I immediately deleted Trapit because they can't be trusted with my information. Of course, the app also then required me to login to a web page and manually delete my account so that they would stop spamming me.

On Choosing the iPad Link

The sole reason why I used the iPad to create the site was because it was the device that was available at the moment... Great explanation although it does sound like Robert needed to defend his use of an iPad. That's like defending the use of a laptop over a desktop for programming. The the only defense needed is the result of the work.

Not So Brief Histories

Dave Caolo is doing some impressive research and writing over at 52Tiger.net. These are instant classics: Brief History of the iPad: Prologue Brief History of the iPad: Rumors This is top quality stuff and could easily be an eBook I would buy.

Wordflex App Review

I like words. I'm not a word snob, but I've always loved opening a dictionary or encyclopedia and reading a random passage. I loved my high school thesaurus until the cover fell off and pages trickled across my college campus. It's nice to know that there are other people like me in the world. They are the people that Wordflex Touch Dictionary1 is made by and for. Wordflex is a word lover's $13 nocturnal fantasy.

iThoughts HD 4 Update

iThoughts HD1 is out with a new update. For the uninitiated, iThoughts is the best visual outliner available on any device. It's that good. I still love to open it up just to slide an outline around. His rendering is like butter. There are two interesting aspects to the 4.0 update. First, there are several new types of mind-mapping layouts available as well as cross outline searching. The biggest improvements come as an "

Mail Gesture of the Day

Maybe I'm a bit slow but my latest accidental discovery is the gesture to show the Inbox in Mail on iPad. While in portrait orientation, slide a finger from left to right to show the current mailbox. To hide the mail box, slide from right to left (or just tap outside of the mailbox). Of course if I just read the damn manual, I would have learned this much sooner.