Generational Technical Difficulties

If you’ve been listening to Generational, first, I want to say thanks. I consider the show a glorious success. I was able to chat with some of my favorite people, get some terrific feedback, and learn about the world of podcasting from the other end of the microphone. All of this was made possible by Myke Hurley and Michael Schechter. They needled me into doing it in the first place and Myke gave it a home on 70Decibels.

A Note about Generational

We passed the one year anniversary for the Generational podcast a few weeks ago.1 It’s been a tremendous year for making a podcast and I’ve been fortunate enough to talk with some of my favorite people on the Internet. This moment right now is the best time ever to be a podcast listener. There is no shortage of great content produced by thoughtful and professional people. As a producer I’ve struggled to create the show I want to listen to, and the evolution of Generational reflects that.

Generational with All of my Favorite Nerds

Two weeks of Generational and three of my favorite nerds. Last week I spoke with Brett Terpstra and Rob Trew about teaching ourselves to code. Erik was out of town, but with us in spirit. This week Erik was back and we talked with Justin Lancy about the ins and outs of traveling.

David Lanham on Generational Link

I’ve been a fan of David Lanham’s art for years. It adorns my office and my kid’s room. I have it as wallpapers on my Mac and Windows machine. I have it as iPhone skins. So you can imagine how excited I was to pull a Chris Farley with him on the latest episode of Generational.

Journaling with Paul Mayne Link

We spoke with Paul Mayne, one of the great people behind the journaling app Day One. If you’re not familiar, I love Day One but use it very judiciously. It was fantastic to talk with Paul about his thoughts about the subject. If you like Day One you will especially like this episode. If you don’t care about Day One, then I think this episode was still full of ideas about how and when to capture details of your life.

Focusing on the Product with Jack Hirsch

The latest episode of Generational is out. Erik and I talked with Jack Hirsch, one of the Evernote product managers, about managing large complex platforms. I really enjoyed the conversation. Jack is an interesting guy that decided to work on a product he loves and made that happen. There’s some Evernote talk but the episode is about much more than that.

Generational with Shawn Blanc Delighting in the Details Link

I know, you’ve heard from every corner of the Internet about Shawn’s new project, Delight is in the Details. But we had a great conversation with Shawn about the project, his motivations and his history with design. It’s a nice insight into where he’s coming from and what you can expect to find in the book and interviews.

Generational with Alex Kessinger The Death and Life of RSS

We talked with Alex Kessinger on the latest episode of Generational. Alex works at ADN and is really passionate about RSS and the web. We discussed the past and future of RSS. We are changing the format of the show slightly, starting with this episode. We’re replacing “show picks” with a brief off-topic discussion. It gives us an opportunity to talk to our awesome guests about an unrelated topic. I definitely appreciate the chance to learn more about them.

Generational Information Capture and Recall Part Deux

Erik and I had the pleasure of talking with Seth Brown of Dr. Bunsen fame. He’s the kind of guy that prints his own notebooks with QR codes. I learned a lot about how to name files and how better to manage my files.

Generational with Bradley Chambers

This week Bradley Chambers joined Erik and I to talk about information capture and recall with Evernote. Bradley just launched a new project today too, called Learning to Love Evernote. I really enjoyed learning about how the other side lives and how amazingly useful Evernote can be. Bradley is full of good ideas.