Cuphead for iOS

Cuphead is out for iOS just in time for your holiday travel. $5 seems like a good deal. By way of Touch Arcade. Note: it seems to have issues on my iPhone X. Maybe wait until the first bug fix before dropping a fiver on it.

Firewatch Release Date Link

Firewatch looks so good to me and I’ve marked February 9th on my calendar. I’ve followed the development mainly because it has a great team behind it. Now I’m excited because it looks like something new. It’s not a shooter or platformer. Call me excited.

Minecraft Story Mode Trailer Link

Wow. This looks like a born winner. Telltale and Mojang team up to create an episodic Minecraft adventure game. I thought it was illegal to print money. The trailer is embedded below. Great choices for voice acting too.

The Making of Alto's Adventure Link

On choosing to make Alto’s Adventure: It was an incredibly enticing proposition, but I have to admit that initially I was unsure. I know almost nothing about snowboarding, and I’m typically not a fan of extreme sports games, so at first glance it all left me feeling rather cold (if you’ll pardon the pun) and I began to wonder if I was really the right guy for the job.

QCraft Quantum Minecraft

QCraft is a mod of Minecraft that incorporates some interesting quantum physics concepts like entanglement. It’s Minecraft with magical blocks but it looks like a lot of fun. By way of Graham Lee on Twitter

Limbo for iOS

Limbo was one of the few games I finished last year and I played it on my lovely 27" iMac. I like the idea of games, I just don’t like the time commitment they require. But Limbo kept my attention until the end and I’m glad I finished it. Today, Limbo is out for iOS as a universal app ($5). Limbo is a puzzle platformer but has a slow and considered pace.

The Beauty of SimCity Link

The upcoming SimCity (Feb. 2013) looks incredible. I still think in terms of the original SimCity when I travel. It taught me more about the consequences of poor city layouts than anything I learned in Civics.