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TechDirt's Funniest Comments Link

If you're not reading TechDirt's funniest comments feed, you're missing some classic stuff. This weeks list is mostly about SOPA..

xkcd Money Link

It’s not just that the graphic is an amazing accomplishment, but that you can link to a specific zoomed position.  By way of everyone on the internet.

Writing Ideas Link

Even if it is not inspirational to me, it is just a well told and funny story. Why I write ideas everyday

The Sandwich Keyboard

I want to thank lonelysandwich for inventing the split keyboard Apple is using in iOS 5. Genius. I realize his version is modestly different. I like the feel of Apple's version better, because the keys are larger but I dare say I would probably type faster with Sandwich's version.

Your Crazy Aunt Siri

Fantastic "research" by Joshua Topolsky. I'm looking forward to all of the people walking around the streets saying things like this out loud trying to get a clever response from Siri. Of course that would be a normal situation on the T.

Github 404

I guess I never hit a Github 404 page before, but after this one, I want to find them all. Github 404’s are lovely interactive graphics. This one was a Star Wars reference that tickled me to no end.

Gingerbread orgy

Ok, this isn't mac related, but it's too damn funny not to share. Check out these Kama Sutra gingerbread cookies. Technorati Tags: Funny