Playbooks Before Automation

Jacob Kaplan-Moss in his “Simple Product Management Tricks” article: Playbooks are the middle ground I reach for in these circumstances. When I see a process like this, instead of either doing nothing or just diving in and writing some code, I’ll first write a playbook. A playbook is nothing more than a set of instructions for performing the task – a “recipe” if you will. The key is to be as specific as possible.

Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers

I keep re-reading this article by Tiago Forte. It starts with a line that I fundamentally disagree with and gets better and worse from there: Knowledge work is unique among skilled professions in that we lack a culture of systematic improvement. I like the overall concept of the article which is why I keep re-reading it. I’m torn. From one angle I feel like the concepts are a complete mismatch.