On Digital Gardening, Blogs, and Knowledge

I’m seeing a lot less internet chatter about “productivity” and a lot more about information structures.1 I think this represents a natural followup to the task management craze of previous years. The market responded to GTD with a huge variety of apps and systems and most of us have settled into something that works well enough. Where I’ve found the most friction is in the information management that often drives task management, and I’m not alone.

Types of Blogs

I have a couple of little projects that have me thinking a lot about blogging. One of those projects is to groom and optimize my RSS feed reading. Crazy, right? I don’t like reading most mainstream news and I definitely don’t like Apple News. RSS is a good way to see new information that is generally relevant to what I want to think about. As I groomed my RSS list, I’ve been thinking about the value of each site and the type of content they post.