Zillow Just Gave Us A Look At Machine Learning's Future

From Vin Vashishta discussing the implosion over at Zillow: For Data Scientists, there are several lessons. You’d better understand the science before taking on significant projects. When revenue starts getting booked against Machine Learning projects, model reliability is critical. Research methodology is essential. When revenue growth starts being built around Machine Learning capabilities, those capabilities need to be comprehensive. The body of evidence supporting core models needs to be substantial.

Some Initial Observations About Shortcuts | Jordan Merrick

This short summary by Jordan Merrick is very promising. Since its acquisition by Apple, I’ve been very skeptical of the Workflow app. Apple tends to behave like a child excited to buy a new toy only to leave it in the driveway to get run over at the end of the day. While Workflow has received a few minor updates since the acquisition it felt like development was stalled. Clearly I was wrong, so take the following opinions with a grain of salt.

Google and Siri IQ

This study out of Cornell raises a lot of questions for me. When the dust settled, researchers found that Google’s AI has an IQ of about 47.28, putting it slightly below the IQ of an average six-year old. Siri, in contrast, din’t fare all that well, with researchers finding that Apple’s AI checked in with an IQ of 23.9. First, do people still consider IQ a thing worth comparing in people, let alone an artificial intelligence?

The Amoral AI Link

White nationalists seem to have manipulated Google search results for “Boasian anthropology.” A.I. is not agnostic but it is no more moral than it is immoral. It’s an algorithm that efficiently reveals the frailties of the programmers and the source material and I really do not look forward to my life being influenced by more A.I.