Evernote Monetization

From Recode’s 450 KB interview article:

“Global user growth looks strong as do early returns on recent monetization efforts. User growth and revenue are the oxygen for any successful company so we’ll be looking to double down on this traction,” he wrote. “My job is to lead and scale this great team through the next phase of product and revenue growth, and to preserve Evernote’s unique culture while evolving it over time.”

Then later:

In his new role, Libin said he will turn to working day-to-day on the product. One big priority, he said, will be to build new features — and even a new line of products — aimed at workplace collaboration. “If there is one thing I wish we would have done sooner is taking the collaborative uses case for Evernote much more seriously,” he said. “We’ve been working on it a lot recently but I wish we would have done it three years earlier.”

Wow. That sounds like what Evernote was missing for me. I guess it was just dumb luck that it never really solved any of my problems.

The Verge has a 2 MB piece that says less with 354 requests, if you really just want the pull quote.