Blogroll for May 16, 2013

Wordnik isn’t really a blog but boy is it fun. It’s a english-lover’s friend.

The Pastry Box is an essay site with rotating authors. There’s no primary theme other than thoughtful writing by interesting people. Some are short and some are long most are interesting.

Daily Mac View has extensive and thoughtful discussions about workflows on a Mac. Kerry really thinks through his process and documents it for anyone to read.

BitQuill is a complete redesign (and maybe a refocus) of The Geek’s Companion Site. It’s a bit link-blog and a bit interview site that focuses on culture and technology.

Geeks with Juniors is a misleading title. This is not about parenting. There are some great workflow ideas and detailed tutorials.

Jesus Christ Silicon Valley is a nice palette cleanser from the usual self congratulatory mental-masterbation found on most tech news sites. It’s just funny.