Merlin Mann on The Great Discontent Link

The header image for this interview is one of my favorite of all time. I stared at it and looked at every detail for about 10 minutes.1


  1. Great interview by Tina Essmaker
  2. Thoughtful and lengthy answers by Merlin
  3. Plenty of photos throughout
  4. Fantastic design. DO NOT READ THIS IN INSTAPAPER.

I’m not a fan of “heroes” but Merlin seems to have his shit together in the ways I like:

A lot of the best work I’ve ever done started out as something completely different because I gave myself permission to have space around my time and expectations. It’s about being open to the idea that I’m the fucking pilot of this jet; I’m the one who has to decide all the stuff that happens in the Merlin Mann Enterprise.

  1. I particularly like the unopened beer sitting a few feet away. ↩︎