Pinner 2 for iOS

Pinner is an iOS app for junkies like me. I gave it a look when it first came out but the performance wasn’t good enough to keep up with the number of bookmarks I have in Pinboard.

I’m happy to say that Pinner 2.0 is great.

The caching and browsing is fast. I really like the addition of favicons to the bookmarks. It’s a nice little attention grabber when I’m browsing through my list looking for something to read.

Pinner uses a Readability view option for bookmarks that is pleasant enough to look at. I’m not a big fan of all of the blue but it is nicely done.1

The scrolling is fast, even while articles are caching. There is also a quick search available at the top of the bookmark lists that allows searching of title, tags, URL and the description. But if you jump over to the “Discover” view you can search by tags or author across the entire Pinboard public bookmark service.

I really like the tag browsing implementation in Pinner. You can browse and search tags but if you tap the plus symbol you get to drill in to see what tags have been used together and their frequency.

It’s a great time to be a Pinboard user.

Pinner | Universal | $2

  1. Note that Macdrifter is not available on Readability and probably will never be. ↩︎