Link Fest May 2021

There are some delightful sites out there on the internet. Here’s a few that I’m enjoying. I only had one criteria for this list: the sites must support RSS. Remember RSS? It’s like Twitter without the buttholes. is a weird and wonderful collection of things from Andy Baio. turned me on to the new version of StumbleUpon and I can’t stop clicking. I love their rules for submitting new links and the results are proof that there’s still really neat and weird things happening on the internet.

Pxlnv (a.k.a. Pixel Envy) is well written and always thoughtful. It covers a lot of the mainstream tech news but with uniquely smart opinions. The site publishes low noise but high value stuff.

GalaxyBrain is one of those new Substack blogs I want to hate but the articles are just too interesting.

OneFootTsunami by Paul Kafasis (that Paul) is a genuine joy. It’s low volume, tongue in cheek, and not the usual fair.

TodayInTabs is another terrible but wonderful Substack newsletter site. Rusty’s writing hits me right in the sweet spot and leaves a heart shaped bruise.